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About Nutraline Enterprises

Nutraline Enterprises is the world-wide leading supplier of all-natural, food-grade Himalayan pink salt.

With our comprehensive range of products, we effectively satisfy our customers with beautiful colour of salt, its rich trace mineral contents and delicious, versatile flavour.

Our team of specialists is continuously working on the improvement and development of Himalayan Rock Salt Products.


Animal Lick Salt

Pink Himalayan salt is chemically similar to table salt. It contains up to 98 percent sodium chloride...    Read More

Edible Rock Salt

Himalayan salt is rock salt (halite) mined from the Punjab region of Pakistan. The salt often has a ...    Read More

Rock Salt Lamp

These lamps are also known as Vitamins in Air. A small bulb fitted inside at the bottom of the lamp...    Read More

Rock Salt Kitchen & Culinary

Himalayan Salt has been used for making utensils and households ever since the history of mankind...    Read More

Rock Salt Tiles

In modern era, salt tiles are in extensive use for making salt walls and rooms for spa and treatment...    Read More

Customized Salt Products

Bathing with Granulate Rock Salt combats water retention, ensures soothing of muscles and regulates our body sleep...    Read More


Himalayan Edible Rock Salt
Rock Salt LED Lamps
Natural Lamps, Crafted Lamps

Customised Products