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Nutraline Enterprises is founded by experienced industrialists with very keen and conclusive experience of over 15 years in various industrial sectors. Company was launched to offer a complete and comprehensive product of Himalayan Rock Salt.

We have deployed state of the art tools and cutting-edge technology to develop a high-quality products at affordable prices. From the very inception of the company, the main focus and concentration has remained on precise designing, wise selection of raw salt, application of state-of-the art technology blended with traditional techniques. Moreover, there are also very keen and strict vigil of highly skilled craftsmen that ensure adherence to the highest quality standards at every stage of production.

While attaining the services of the experts, we have always tried our utmost to produce the world-standard products and that is why we have been exporting our products to the countries worldwide. If you require any kind of products not illustrated by us, we are always entirely at your service equipped and capable of manufacturing.

We are greatly indebted to our customers for their prestigious trust and concern they have shown so far in the past, and we assure to maintain an unshaken confidence in the future as well.

What is 'Pink Himalayan Salt'?

Pink Himalayan salt is chemically similar to table salt. It contains up to 98 percent sodium chloride. The rest of the salt consists of trace minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. These give the salt its light pink tint. These minerals also explain why Himalayan salt tastes different from regular table salt.

Origin of Himalayan Salt

The mesmerizing pink and white crystals of Himalayan Pink Salt have a history that goes way back over 300 million years ago when they were dissolved in the water of ancient oceans. These oceans dried up over time and left behind this rock salt as deposits.

Discovery of Himalayan Salt

About 23 centuries ago, Alexander the Great's cavalries advanced Eastwards into sub-continent, where they were checked by King Porus at the bank of Jhelum River. There, some of the horses from his cavalry started licking the stones, and his men quickly discovered that the stones were salty. The location of these mines is in the place where the Himalayan Mountains stand today, Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan. The Khewra Salt Mine is located north of Lahore (53720), in the of Punjab Province of Pakistan. Now, the mine tunnels about 730 meters into the mountain, and the underground mine covers about 43 square miles. It's the world's oldest salt mine. It is world famous, annually attracting 250,000 tourists, who come to see the unearthing of huge lumps of this unique pink salt.

Health benefits of Himalayan Salt
  • Improve respiratory system and prevents diseases.
  • Balance your body's pH.
  • Reduce signs of aging.
  • Improve sleep quality.
  • Regulate blood sugar.
  • Increase libido.
  • Controlling the body water levels
  • Aiding Vascular Health
  • Promotes Cellular hydroelectric energy creation